Conceptual Design Packages
Permit Authority Negotiations
Construction Management and Administration
Engineering Evaluation
Design Drawings and Specifications
Seismic Evaluation
Structural Analysis
Bid Package Review and Approval
Expert Witness and Litigation Services

Comprehensive Structural Services

Technology and innovations go hand in hand at KSP. We are developing new solutions daily, identifying design approaches that save time and cost. We can provide comprehensive services in house, ensuring continuity and consistent design quality.

KSP, Inc. design services include design drawings and specifications, structural analysis, review of bid packages, negotiation with permitting authorities, vendor submittal review and approvals, and conceptual design packages.

Assembling our project teams, we select engineers with the appropriate experience, talent, and chemistry to create an innovative, cost effect design solution. We have an experienced staff of people who have worked on a wide spectrum of projects.

Our clients can count on a single point of contact to expedite all of their facilities needs. Our project managers are designated as the primary point of contact and are empowered with decision-making capabilities to match up with the client’s staff. We provide a project or program manager who is well versed in the realm of services provided and then we commit them to the client from project initialization through completion.

At KSP, we understand that our clients must act quickly to succeed in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Our team is accustomed to providing rapid response to our clients’ requests on multiple, fast track projects. We maintain close, continuous contact with our clients as their project needs and priorities change.