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KSP jumps on Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In today's fast-paced building construction industry, contractors and architects are under pressure to get their jobs completed quicker, while still maintaining the same, or higher, level of quality. To the structural engineer, this means that providing solutions in a more efficient manner in becoming increasingly critical. KSP is very focused on this, and thus, the firm is always current on the latest trends in the industry. The latest, and most relevant to the firm, is the technological advances in Building Information Modeling (BIM). KSP engineers realize the benefit of the BIM effort. To the firm, it means the elimination of detail callout errors, better drawing and block management, and minimization of the re-learning curve. Programs like Revit Structural and CSC's 3D+ are built on AutoDesk's 3D modeling engine, which normalizes the learning curve that occurs between the architect, the contractor, and the structural engineer by providing a clearer picture of the building. The benefit to our clients, of course, is the fact that KSP will be able to produce engineering drawings in less time, while increasing drawing accuracy and efficiency. KSP is currently researching which solutions will be the most beneficial to both it's clients, and to the firm itself. It will take a little time for this project to fully mature, as some of these products have not been released yet.