KSP Newsroom

KSP jumps on Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In today's fast-paced building construction industry, contractors and architects are under pressure to get their jobs completed quicker, while still maintaining the same, or higher, level of quality. To the structural engineer, this means that providing solutions in a more efficient manner in becoming increasingly critical. KSP is very focused on this, and thus, the firm is always current on the latest trends in the industry. The latest, and most relevant to the firm, is the technological advances in Building Information Modeling (BIM). KSP engineers realize the benefit of the BIM effort. To the firm, it means the elimination of detail callout errors, better drawing and block management, and minimization of the re-learning curve. Programs like Revit Structural and CSC's 3D+ are built on AutoDesk's 3D modeling engine, which normalizes the learning curve that occurs between the architect, the contractor, and the structural engineer by providing a clearer picture of the building. The benefit to our clients, of course, is the fact that KSP will be able to produce engineering drawings in less time, while increasing drawing accuracy and efficiency. KSP is currently researching which solutions will be the most beneficial to both it's clients, and to the firm itself. It will take a little time for this project to fully mature, as some of these products have not been released yet.

KSP Launches its new web site

Starting toward the end of last year, KSP has begun an effort to establish a greater presence on the internet. "It is important for an engineering firm to be able to quickly and easily update their most current accomplishments to the public, not just for marketing purposes, but to further depict the wide range of our solutions to our current clients", says Kayvon Shakerin, KSP's Principal. While many engineering web sites generally include basic information such as how to contact the company, a brief summary of the firm, and a few favored accomplishments, there is a great need for engineering firms to display how up to date they are in the industry. "Completed projects from 10 years ago may not display the full capabilities of an engineering firm. Also, an outdated web site may portray to some people that it is an unreliable source of information. Our efforts for the new web site are to provide people with the latest information about our company", Mr. Shakerin adds. The website is being designed using PHP/MySQL technology, which is growing in popularity every day. "PHP was rated #1 programming language in 2004. This technology allows the content of our web site to be dynamic. What this means to our company is that we can update our site with new projects instantly, simply by adding it into the web site database", says Arion Gnotta, KSP's CAD Manager. In addition to the new project listing feature, a newsroom has been added, that will adress KSP's involvement in industry trends, current projects, and other related events. The web site expected to launch early February at www.kspeng.com.

Simpson Strong-Tie Trains KSP Engineers

KSP engineers and CAD operators left thoroughly intrigued on Wednesday from the seminar held by Simpson Strong-Tie, a well-known supplier for various construction fasteners and pre-fabricated building components. This day's topic, ran by Jason Oakley and Mark Macdonald, was to address a few of the anchor systems that they supply. Although learning about the various applications of anchors that Simpson supplies kept everyone in the office interested, the real show came when Mr. Oakley and Mr. Macdonald took the entire company outside for a live pull test. "This is a great learning experience for the CAD Operators and Junior Engineers", says Kayvon Shakerin, KSP's Principal, "There is really no better way to understand what you are calculating on paper than seeing the process live". The Simpson 2-man team has already requested another scheduled date in which to hold another training seminar at KSP.